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About the Relative Paths Podcast

This is a podcast about web design, web development, music, and that kind of thing. It started when Mark said to Ben "How about we do a podcast?" and Ben said "Whut?". We tend to go all over the place, we'll be talking about web tools one minute and why Mark doesn't like Home of the Whale by Massive Attack the next (Ben thinks Mark says this to wind him up, Mark would't do that to him, he just doesn't like it).

We release podcasts monthly, well, we try to but we're busy and Ben's recently become a dad... we're doing our best. If you want more podcasts you could support us or something.

If you want to get in touch, support us, or complain about how much Mark says 'kind of like' fill in the contact form down below.

Ben Hutchings dream boat developer man

Ben Hutchings

If Ben could write his own bio he'd just say "I am so rubbish at JS. I need to do some sort of intensive course…" Ben, 13th Feb, 2018. But I, co-host Mark, am going to write it... he's pretty okay at JS. Anyhow, it's his fault I'm a developer. He talked me into it at a party years ago, so here I am, also being okay at JS. Ben is pretty good at lots of stuff though, he's like my own personal Stack Overflow with a beard and fewer down-votes.

Mark Phoenix standing and speaking into a microphone

Mark Phoenix

Ah, Mark mark... what can I say about Mark? Before I met him he lived in the loft in a shared house with some of my mates, like some sort of mythical creature. I only ever heard his steps on the stairs... never saw him! 

Anyway, Mark blames me for his web development career. I accept no responsibility. Don’t @ me! 

He was born in the late 70’s I think, you can tell by the way he looks at mustard coloured clothing, space bouncers and donkey jackets.

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