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Relative Paths

Archive of: Ben and Mark

Episode 12 - Project X part 1 | Very respectful to Begonias

Mark's embarking on Project X so we have a chat about what he's planning, where things could be tweaked, and get into some discussion on 'hamburger' menus, avoiding jQuery use if possible and Lazy Loading elements on infinite scrolling sites.

24 November 2014

Episode 10 - Pricing | Mr Furtwangler I presume.

This week we discuss the thorny issue of pricing. We cover working out what to charge, how to deal with push back from clients and times we've got it wrong.

10 November 2014

Episode 8 – Geek Mental Help Week | Don't Push Over a Cow!

This week Ben and I record a special episode for Geek Mental Help Week and talk a bit about its origins and what's happening this week. But we mostly talk about our own experiences with depression and how we handled it.

27 October 2014

Episode 6 - Ch-ch-ch-Changes | Hiding In The Toilet - Relative Paths

This week we set out to talk about how and why one might want to get into the web industry and responding to change. But due to recent events and the soul searching by many in 'the industry' we soon get sidetracked into talking about victimisation on the web and the general state of things. 

13 October 2014

Episode 5 – Time to get real | Lawnmower Man

Mark has his first paying job! Ben and Mark talk about how to approach it, specs, briefs and pricing.

29 September 2014

Episode 4 - Toolkit | The one guy in the corner with a Toshiba!

This week we talk about our web development set up and the tools we like to use.

21 September 2014

Episode 3 - Continuous Professional Development | Never steal bad code!

In this weeks Relative Paths podcast Ben and Mark talk about where we can find information to improve our web design and development skills.

15 September 2014

Episode 2 - Saying "I don't Know" | Never sharpen a teapot!

In this weeks Relative Paths podcast, Ben and Mark discuss how and when to say "I don’t know" to web design and development clients.

08 September 2014

Episode 1 - What's it all for? | Don't surf mountains!

In this Relative Paths Podcast Mark, a newcomer to the industry, and Ben, a hard bitten veteran, work out why they want to do a web development podcast.

01 September 2014