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Episode 51 - State of the Union

It’s been 5 months since our last episode. In that time I’ve become a father (woah) and Mark has become really popular on Instagram. So it’s a sort of catch-up episode, and a moan at each other about Apple, Microsoft, CPU’s and Adobe and software named after disasters.

23 January 2018

Episode 50 - Jukebox Special

For our 50th anniversary, we skip right to the music with a Jukebox special. Ben and I talk about our favourite and not so favourite tracks on the Relative Paths Alt Playlist, and the regular Relative Paths Playlist, we even cull a few. We also talked about some of our favourite bands, albums, gigs and that sort of thing

16 January 2018

Episode 44 - Looking back at 2016 | They ran screaming

After a break at the end of 2016, we've start 2017 with a bit of a retrospective. Mark and I had a fairly busy year and we take a look at some of the things we did, didn't do, tried and failed.

28 January 2017

Episode 42 – PC vs Mac | Apple comes down the mountain

Following Apple's MacBook Pro announcement on Oct 27th 2016, we returned to the matter of PC vs Mac again. Are Mac's still the best choice for developers?

10 November 2016

Episode 39 - HTTPS | "Deliver some dog justice"

This episode we tackle HTTPS. What it is, what's changed over the years, and why you should be using it now. We also touch on HTTP/2 where relevant and talk about some ways to make the jump to HTTPS if you've not done so already.

08 September 2016

Episode 24.5 – Relatively Short | A Picosode

We're super busy at the moment so this week's episode is not really an episode... just a teaser and a Jukebox!

25 May 2015

Episode 19 – Stress | Should've auditioned that whale!

Stress! Mark and I talk about work-related stress and dealing with it. I'm no 'poster boy' for stress management but thankfully Mark has some ideas.

09 February 2015

Episode 17 – Looking Back Looking Forward | A Stool To Oil!

As it's the start of a new year, Mark and I take a look at how 2014 went, what we learned and achieved, and what we plan to do in 2015 from a web development and freelancing point of view.

14 January 2015

Episode 15 – Time management | Panic Develop Till it's Done!

This week Ben and I talk about time management. We talk about how we've managed time in the past, and the virtues of the Pomodoro system.

24 December 2014

Episode 13 - Design for Developers | Too Many Biscuits!

This week Mark and I talk about Design for Developers. How much we need to be involved in the design process and whether we even should be!

01 December 2014

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