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Archive of: 2016

Episode 43 – Perch CMS | An interview with Clive Walker

This week we talk about Perch CMS and its many free add-ons, including the recently added Perch Shop e-commerce platform, with web developer Clive Walker.

24 November 2016

Episode 42 – PC vs Mac | Apple comes down the mountain

Following Apple's MacBook Pro announcement on Oct 27th 2016, we returned to the matter of PC vs Mac again. Are Mac's still the best choice for developers?

10 November 2016

Episode 41 – Working with Designers | "Do you Etch-a-Sketch?"

This week we spoke with designer and co-host of the Deeply Graphic Design Cast Mikelle Morrison about the sometimes tricky subject of designers and developers working together.

27 October 2016

Episode 40 – Going Limited | “Daft Bunk”

This episode we're pleased to welcome back Mark Wilkinson, first interviewed in Episode 29. We quiz Mark about his leap from 'sole-trading freelancer' to the founder of Limited company 'Highrise Digital'.

14 October 2016

Episode 39 - HTTPS | "Deliver some dog justice"

This episode we tackle HTTPS. What it is, what's changed over the years, and why you should be using it now. We also touch on HTTP/2 where relevant and talk about some ways to make the jump to HTTPS if you've not done so already.

08 September 2016

Episode 38 - Mistakes x 2 | "It's a bit like mousetrap"

This week we talk about what to do when things go wrong in podcasting and web development, PC vs Mac, and limited edition Muse CD's.

10 August 2016

Episode 37 - Personal Sites | "Disappointment will spur them on"

In this episode we talk about personal websites and some other things... well lots of other things.

18 July 2016

Episode 36 - Details | "Billy the Whippet"

We're back after another pretty long break with an episode about the little details that make life as a webby type bearable.

18 July 2016

Episode 35 - PC versus Mac | "versus Sandals"

Slightly controversially this episode, Mark and I tackle the perennial subject of Mac versus PC. Since editing the episode, I now realise I probably upset Linux users and BMW drivers... Sorry y'all.

25 March 2016

Episode 34 - "Just chat really" | No real plan

After a long, accidental break due to illness and busy, we're back... and we don't have a theme or subject!

02 March 2016

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