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Episode 14 – Hosting | It's like tyres!

After an accidental 'break' last week, this time Mark and I chat about different types of Web Hosting. We cover support levels and also ask whether it's a good idea for a web developer or designer to offer or provide hosting to clients.

My 'Toolstar' this week is Atom, the free and very customisable code editor from GitHub.

Mark's Reads of the Week are a couple of articles by Charlotte Spencer. Firstly 'I'm gonna be a developer' on her blog and secondly 'Life Is Too Short Not To Experement' at &you.

My Dukebox pick is 'Cascade' from the 1994 'The Future Sound of London' album, Lifeforms. Mark's choice is a listener-suggested track called 'Subway - Nujabes Tribute' by Twigg & Stone. The music used for our intro, stings and outro is ‘Vitreous Detachment’ by Origamibiro, used with very kind permission.