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Relative Paths

Episode 15 – Time management | Panic Develop Till it's Done!

This week Ben and I talk about time management. We talk about how we've managed time in the past, and the virtues of the Pomodoro system.

This week my Tool Star is Niice, a search engine with taste.

Ben's 'Read of the Week' is Atlassian's collection of Git tutorials. For the dukebox my pick is 'Hand on the Scantron' by Mux Mool, a new find from Spotify Radio. Ben's tune is 'Cry' from Howie B's 'Music for Babies' album (though it looks like it's not available on Spotfy right now). Our intro, stings and outro are parts of ‘Vitreous Detachment’, the use of which is kindly permitted by permitted Origamibiro.


Productivity 101: A Primer to The Pomodoro Technique - Lifehacker