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Episode 22 – Interview | Commercial Plugin Development with Jonathan Davis

This week we're joined by Jonathan Davis, project lead for the Shopp eCommerce plugin for Wordpress. Jon shares his valuable experience, advice on the joys and pitfalls of developing a commercial plugin and tips for new eCommerce developers. We also discuss Open Source and the importance of product support.

Our ToolStar suggestion by Jon is Kaleidoscope, a visual diff tool which makes file comparison very intuitive and easy to work with during development.

Added to the Relative Paths coding playlist this week are:
- 'Abiogenesis' by Carbon Based Lifeforms, picked by Jon.
- 'Stretched Home' by The Album Leaf, chosen by Mark.
- 'An Ending (Ascent)' by Brian Eno, selected by me.

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The music we use for various intro bits, stings and outro is 'Vitreous Detachment' by Origamibiro, used with kind permission.