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Relative Paths

Episode 40 – Going Limited | “Daft Bunk”

This episode we're pleased to welcome back Mark Wilkinson, first interviewed in Episode 29. We quiz Mark about his leap from 'sole-trading freelancer' to the founder of Limited company 'Highrise Digital'. Mark W provides lots of useful information for anyone considering a similar move: financial matters, VAT, partnering up, and employees.

Mark W's picked the Toolstar, and chose QuickCast, a simple to use screencasting app, providing easy recording, publishing and sharing.

For the Relative Paths Playlist, my submission is 'Eating Hooks' (instrumental) by Moderat. It comes from the instrumental version of their 2016 Album 'III'.

Mark's track is called 'Try the Bass' by Ronald Jenkees. It's nuts. NUTS. Added to the Relative Paths Alt Playlist

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The music we use for various intro bits, stings and outro is ‘Vitreous Detachment’ by Origamibiro, used with kind permission.


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