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Episode 57 - Underrated Skills | Knowing When to Blackout

We talked about underrated skills, skills that are really useful but not often mentioned or which might be slightly outside the sphere of normal web development stuff. 

10 July 2019

Episode 56 - Gimme The Cash | Tinkling The Ivories

It's been 9 months since our last episode (sorry) so this was a bit of a revival episode, served with extra delicious waffles. We talked about a bunch of stuff, pricing, getting up early, workshops, wombs, harps, granddads, Hey Duggee and Perch. We also had a bit of an announcement!

11 June 2019

Episode 31 - Dealing with mistakes | The whole kitten caboodle

Following some recent mistakes with recording and editing, Mark and I thought we'd talk about what happens when we make mistakes on client work, and how we deal with them.

03 November 2015

Episode 28 – Going Live | Build a website on an Etch-a-Sketch

This week, Mark declares that he's ready to Go Live! We chat about finding work, last-minute concerns, and other nonsense.

01 September 2015

Episode 27 - Customer Education | Like people in music shops

This week Ben and I talk about customer education. What exactly do we mean by it, and how do we do it. Ben also tells a fascinating story about cables, listen out for that!

12 August 2015

Episode 26 - Customer Care | Hug their heart

After a fairly long break due to 'busy', we're back with an episode about 'Customer Care'. We talk about just how 'friendly' is appropriate when dealing with customers, and practically how we might draw a line.

10 August 2015

Episode 24 – My Best Job! | Getting Cardboard From a Skip

For this episode we're debuting a new episode format called 'My Best Job!' where we talk to a web professional about a project they particularly enjoyable, amusing or interesting. This week we couldn't find a web professional to interview, so I'll talk about one I enjoyed instead!

02 May 2015

Episode 19 – Stress | Should've auditioned that whale!

Stress! Mark and I talk about work-related stress and dealing with it. I'm no 'poster boy' for stress management but thankfully Mark has some ideas.

09 February 2015

Episode 16 - Interview | Live Client meeting

It's another interview episode, and this time it takes the form of a Live Client Meeting for one of Mark's first web dev projects. We chat to Ken Long from Longshot Photo about what he needs from a website, and some of the challenges Mark will face.

07 January 2015

Episode 14 – Hosting | It's like tyres!

After an accidental 'break' last week, this time Mark and I chat about different types of Web Hosting. We cover support levels and also ask whether it's a good idea for a web developer or designer to offer or provide hosting to clients.

18 December 2014

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