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Episode 54 - Gatekeepers | The Just Problem

We were joined by developer, professional Yorkshireman and friend of the show Andy Bell. We talked about the problem of gate keeping in the web industry the tendency to deploy dogmatic or arbitrary standards to keep people out.

01 July 2018

Episode 30 – Designers should(n't) code | An interview with Ben Brignell

In this episode we're joined by Ben Brignell, a Designer, to talk about the crossover between 'Design' and 'Code'. We discuss the 'Designers Should Code' ongoing debate, and talk about some practicalities of working with multi-disciplined individuals in the Web industry.

25 September 2015

Episode 13 - Design for Developers | Too Many Biscuits!

This week Mark and I talk about Design for Developers. How much we need to be involved in the design process and whether we even should be!

01 December 2014

Episode 9 – Deployment | Eating out of a bin.

This week Ben and I talk about how best to manage deployment from a local development environment to a live server, particularly for WordPress sites, though the ideas should work with any site or CMS. We discuss how to manage deployment with Git, synchronising WordPress databases,  whether using the command line is simpler in many cases and much more besides.

03 November 2014

Episode 8 – Geek Mental Help Week | Don't Push Over a Cow!

This week Ben and I record a special episode for Geek Mental Help Week and talk a bit about its origins and what's happening this week. But we mostly talk about our own experiences with depression and how we handled it.

27 October 2014

Episode 4 - Toolkit | The one guy in the corner with a Toshiba!

This week we talk about our web development set up and the tools we like to use.

21 September 2014

Episode 3 - Continuous Professional Development | Never steal bad code!

In this weeks Relative Paths podcast Ben and Mark talk about where we can find information to improve our web design and development skills.

15 September 2014

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