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Episode 32 - WOW Plugins | An interview with Kimb Jones

In this episode we interview Kimb Jones, co-founder of the Make Do development agency  about his work, conference speaking and some 'WOW' WordPress plugins.

03 November 2015

Episode 29 – Wordpress Plugin Development with Mark Wilkinson

On this week's episode we're interviewing Mark Wilkinson, a Web Developer from the UK specialising in WordPress development. Mark answers our questions on developing and maintaining Open Source plugins for distribution via the Wordpress Plugins Directory as well as proving some advice and tips for beginners.

20 September 2015

Episode 22 – Interview | Commercial Plugin Development with Jonathan Davis

This week we're joined by Jonathan Davis, project lead for the Shopp eCommerce plugin for Wordpress. Jon shares his valuable experience, advice on the joys and pitfalls of developing a commercial plugin and tips for new eCommerce developers. We also discuss Open Source and the importance of product support.

01 April 2015

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