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Episode 24 – My Best Job! | Getting Cardboard From a Skip

For this episode we're debuting a new episode format called 'My Best Job!' where we talk to a web professional about a project they particularly enjoyable, amusing or interesting. This week we couldn't find a web professional to interview, so I'll talk about one I enjoyed instead!

02 May 2015

Episode 23 – Interview | Theme Frameworks with Jonny Allbut

In this episode Mark and I interview Jonny Allbut, the web designer and developer behind the Wonderflux Wordpress Theme Framework. We talk about custom themeing in WordPress, whether to use a framework or not and how they can be useful to beginners. Jonny also provides some gold for anyone thinking of starting their own framework project

20 April 2015

Episode 21 - Setting Up | Tabs or Spaces?

This week Mark and I talk about how we go about starting a web development projects, from a setup, workflow and coding point of view. We chat about tools, preferred modules and frameworks, some best practices and a few gripes.

18 March 2015

Episode 19 – Stress | Should've auditioned that whale!

Stress! Mark and I talk about work-related stress and dealing with it. I'm no 'poster boy' for stress management but thankfully Mark has some ideas.

09 February 2015

Episode 18 - Back to Basics | Spaghetti Kitten

This week Ben and I talk about the times we forget things we thought we already knew, or technologies move on while we're looking the other way, so we have to revisit basic skills. We chat a bit about CSS layout, Git, HTML and other stuff too.

24 January 2015

Episode 17 – Looking Back Looking Forward | A Stool To Oil!

As it's the start of a new year, Mark and I take a look at how 2014 went, what we learned and achieved, and what we plan to do in 2015 from a web development and freelancing point of view.

14 January 2015

Episode 16 - Interview | Live Client meeting

It's another interview episode, and this time it takes the form of a Live Client Meeting for one of Mark's first web dev projects. We chat to Ken Long from Longshot Photo about what he needs from a website, and some of the challenges Mark will face.

07 January 2015

Episode 15 – Time management | Panic Develop Till it's Done!

This week Ben and I talk about time management. We talk about how we've managed time in the past, and the virtues of the Pomodoro system.

24 December 2014

Episode 14 – Hosting | It's like tyres!

After an accidental 'break' last week, this time Mark and I chat about different types of Web Hosting. We cover support levels and also ask whether it's a good idea for a web developer or designer to offer or provide hosting to clients.

18 December 2014

Episode 13 - Design for Developers | Too Many Biscuits!

This week Mark and I talk about Design for Developers. How much we need to be involved in the design process and whether we even should be!

01 December 2014

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