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Episode 49 - Web Security | With Tim Nash

We discussed what web developers can do to ensure website security, with WordPress Platform Lead and Developer Advocate for, Tim Nash.

23 May 2017

Episode 40 – Going Limited | “Daft Bunk”

This episode we're pleased to welcome back Mark Wilkinson, first interviewed in Episode 29. We quiz Mark about his leap from 'sole-trading freelancer' to the founder of Limited company 'Highrise Digital'.

14 October 2016

Episode 37 - Personal Sites | "Disappointment will spur them on"

In this episode we talk about personal websites and some other things... well lots of other things.

18 July 2016

Episode 32 - WOW Plugins | An interview with Kimb Jones

In this episode we interview Kimb Jones, co-founder of the Make Do development agency  about his work, conference speaking and some 'WOW' WordPress plugins.

03 November 2015

Episode 29 – Wordpress Plugin Development with Mark Wilkinson

On this week's episode we're interviewing Mark Wilkinson, a Web Developer from the UK specialising in WordPress development. Mark answers our questions on developing and maintaining Open Source plugins for distribution via the Wordpress Plugins Directory as well as proving some advice and tips for beginners.

20 September 2015

Episode 28 – Going Live | Build a website on an Etch-a-Sketch

This week, Mark declares that he's ready to Go Live! We chat about finding work, last-minute concerns, and other nonsense.

01 September 2015

Episode 23 – Interview | Theme Frameworks with Jonny Allbut

In this episode Mark and I interview Jonny Allbut, the web designer and developer behind the Wonderflux Wordpress Theme Framework. We talk about custom themeing in WordPress, whether to use a framework or not and how they can be useful to beginners. Jonny also provides some gold for anyone thinking of starting their own framework project

20 April 2015

Episode 20 - Interview | WordCamp Birmingham with Rachel McCollin

This week we’re joined by Rachel McCollin, one of the organisers of WordCamp Birmingham, to talk about how web conferences and meetups can be useful to both new and experienced developers. We discuss the WordCamp movement, how to get into writing for the web, weighted lanyards, prog rock and much else besides.

04 March 2015

Episode 7 - Why wordpress? | Can you ruffle a beak?

In this Relative Paths Podcast we discuss why we tend to work with WordPress for web design and development, some favourite plugins and some other CMS's.

20 October 2014

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