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Relative Paths

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Relative Paths


It often feels like we have a lot to contend with in the web industry. The pace of technological change, shifting client demands, peer pressure, the social media swamp and a host of other things can make us feel quite overwhelmed. We talked about how we feel about all that stuff and what we can do to take the pressure off.

Andy Bell


We were joined by developer, professional Yorkshireman and friend of the show Andy Bell. We talked about the problem of gate keeping in the web industry the tendency to deploy dogmatic or arbitrary standards to keep people out. The kind of 'your not a real developer unless...' thing that seems to keep happening. We talked about how we can help people into the industry and help those making their way in it and ways we can unintentionally shut people out. We also talked about Andy's mentoring and advice project. Dev Pal.